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Wellknown game concepts

Wellknown game concepts like Pac Man, Tetris, Bejeweled, Super Mario Bros, Memory, Wheel of future, etc are great because players understand them at once! Let a Tetris block fall from above and players know what to do. Or present a wheel of fortune to the player and he or she instantly wants to give it a spin. Place turned around cards (with your logo on them) on the table and players soon enough understand that this is memory. In many cases choosing such a well known and therefore well understood concept is a wise choice.

We've made a list of wellknown game concepts to give you inspiration:

  • Memory - with your products on the cards, for instance! (small)
  • Tetris - the wellknown falling blocks (medium)
  • Wheel of fortune - let your products spin on the wheel. Maybe the players can win something? (small)
  • Lottery - tickets, balls, scratch cards or other lotterylike games are always attractive to people! (small)
  • Slotmachine - pull the lever and hope you'll be lucky! Slotmachines are exiting and great in combination with a winnable price (medium)
  • A Quiz - Quizzes are hugely popular and enjoyed by everyone. Let's make it visually very attractive so it in no way feels like a survey! Perhaps add a stopwatch? (small)
  • Bejeweled - Match 3 games are very popular. Switch jewels (or your products) around in a matrix of jewels in order to get three the same eighter horizontally or vertically. Other versions are "noughts and crosses" and "find 3 in a row" (medium)
  • Puzzle - Puzzle together an image (of your product?). Besides the traditional puzzle pieces, it can for instance also be shards that need to be put together (small)
  • Slide puzzle - In a 3x3 or 4x4 matrix slide squares with parts of a picture to the only empty square. (small)
  • Place shapes into holes with the same shape - A lot of fun for small childeren! (small)
  • Word search - find and mark words (of your services maybe?) in a matrix of letters. Often in combination with a stopwatch (small)
  • Sudoku - this Japanese game is very popular where numbers much add up in a matrix of numbers (small)
  • Hangman - Guess letters that get shown in a hidden word or phrase. If you guess wrong, the man gets a step closer to getting hung (small to medium)
  • Crossword puzzle - After all these years, crosswords are still hugely popular. We can even auto-generate crosswords! (small to medium)
  • Pac Man - Who doesn't know the little yellow circle and the ghosts? It's a very competitive game and enjoyed by many! (medium)
  • Pinball - Shoot the ball away and then don't let the ball fall between the flippers! (medium)
  • Ping Pong / Pong - These tennis-like games are widely enjoyed. Get the ball past the oponent (played by the computer) but don't let it get past you. One of the first games ever made was pong! (small)
  • Arkanoid - this game is an extensive version of Pong. The ball must not get past you but the goal is to let it bounce on blocks who disappear when hit. Clean the whole level! (medium)
  • A cardgame like Blackjack, Poker or Patience - There are, ofcourse, hundreds of others aswell. (small to medium; some cases large)
  • A board game like Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit or Catan - There are, ofcourse, many more (medium to large)
  • Precision shooting - Let the targets fly by (like wooden boards with a duck drawn on it) and shoot as many as you can in the time you've got. Or maybe bad guys pop up in random places, but sometimes also women and childeren! (small)
  • Find the differences - In two seemingly identical photo's there are differences and the player needs to find them all! (small)
  • Find partly hidden objects - Often in a mystical setting (think: Indiana Jones) objects are hidden. Sometimes they may glitter a little. Find them all (small to medium)
  • Solve as fast as possible - While the stopwatch ticks away, quickly solve mathematical equations, answer questions, trivia or something like that (small) 
  • Coloring page - Provide your young player with a coloring page and an arrange of pencils with different colors and sizes! Maybe make it a contest? (small to medium)
  • Drag, rotate and resize shapes to create a painting - Let your young players create a beautiful composition! (small to medium)
  • Avoider - You mustn't hit something, like a ever-running character running and having to avoid things strewn out on the path. Or a car (seen from above) that must avoid other cars. (medium)
  • Platform game - run and jump around with your character to different platforms or area's in the level and avoid enemies. (medium to large)
  • Simple race game -  a non-3D game seen from above where you have to race against some computer-steered opponents! (medium)
  • Hill racer - A vehicle (or bike) seen from the side has to drive over hills and jumps. The spiral springs are very high, making it an awkward ride! (medium to large)
  • Fire off projectiles - decide on angle and strength and then fire off a projectile to hit something (like Angry Birds). Destroy incoming enemies! (medium)
  • Flappy bird - With only one button to push, give a bird or other character an upwards (parabole) motion. Do this at the right time to make it fly through openings and not hit floor or ceiling (small to medium)
  • Conquer land on a map - Amass armies, fight and conquer land, taking different routes on the map. But also leave armies behind to defend your lands (small to medium)
In the list above you see the words small, medium and large. This refers to the size of the project and therefore the price to create it. Please view our pricing page to see prices for these projects!

Wellknown game concepts start at 1,995.- ex.gst. Contact us now and let us create a custom made game for you!


Play some games:

As we're also based in the Netherlands, please note that some of these games are in Dutch.

> <
Grohe Smartactive Quiz
Watch this commercial intertwined with games and quiz questions!
Voices of Africa
Learn about African languages as you try to escape from this escape room!
Sweco Energy Revolution
This serious game explores in what ways the Netherlands can go green energywise.
Haai Five Game
Swim with these sharks as fast as you can, because the net is coming!
The History Game
Watch this game turned into a movie for crowdfunding purposes.
Taaloefenen: Plastic Mania
Guide the fish through the plastic polluted waters!
The Blue Ring game
Jump on platforms with your blue ring and reach the top.
Titanex Snake Challenge
It is actually a power cable! Can you snake it all the way to the rock band?
Flappy Fox
Maneuver the flying fox through the cave. Also check out the avatar creation (top right)
Pacman or Tetris?
Play one of the two and see your score reach higher and higher towards the #1 position!
Erasmus Medical Center game
Play and learn how and when to put on... medical gloves!
Taaloefenen: Practice!
Free fish with octopus by answering educational questions.
Coco Game
Play some minigames and learn a little about the new school you're going to, narrated by the janitor.
Continuous Delivery Game
Play this dark futuristic adventure where the Netherlands has flooded.
The Game of Ana
What is this mysterious game about? Not even the programmer knows...
Get 3 or more in a row, answer some questions and win a holiday trip! (winner has already been drawn)
Flick my Wheel
A simple but much loved wheel of fortune!
Trans World Radio
Set up all kinds of communication channels across the globe in this educational simulation.
Surprising birds
Create all kinds of weird birds with these shapes!
Vogue Girl
Spray all the girls, but not the boys and cats in this cute game!
Link them together
Which saying belongs to which animal? An educational game for small childeren.
Interactive with the whole class!
Let the whole class get their device and play a competitive game together.
Remember the words written on the wall and type them correctly.
Ridder Galgriƫl
Guess letters and complete the words before the knight loses all his treasures.
Connect the letters to form a word, like a snake.
Mini Houdini
Can you let the monkey escape by solving educational puzzles and watching animations?
Type the words they're holding before they reach the ground!

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