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Unity3D Games

Unity3D is a development platform that enables you to publish 3D games on multiple platforms like the appstores and Steam. 


The best choice if you want a 3D game to be made. It's a lot cheaper than other 3D platforms like the Unreal Engine. Although we can actually also create 2D games with it, it's probably not the right platform for this.

A lot of functionality is standard available, like physics libraries and effects. (but creating custom effects can be an extensive excersise)

Deployment om multiple platforms is possible, like the appstores as well as Steam.

Large projects are possible with acces to the raw CPU power.


Limits itself to 3D and excludes many platforms and devices.  Requires one or more 3D artists, which may be costly and excludes normal illustrators and animators in the Gamedesign network.

Game developments are more expensive than HTML5.

Game development takes longer than HTML5.


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