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Multiplayer games and portals

Why not let us create a multiplayer game for you? Playing with or against another player brings a new dimension to a game!

In contrast to AI (Artificial Intelligence), a real player always plays differently and always develops him or herself. The feeling of competition is immediately alive! 

Our HTML5 multiplayer gaming portal

We mostly focus on HTML5 gaming when it comes to multiplayer gaming, in other words playing in the browser on all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).

When it comes to a multiplayer game, we've designed a system that harnesses the power of HTML5 to play without downloads or installations and can facilitate large online communities. This system comes along with a website that integrates the game and has all the surrounding features you should expect from a multiplayer gaming portal:
  • A unique and beautiful design, tailor-made and fully implemented throughout the website and game: Responsive (= adapting to the size of the screen) to play from full screen desktop to smartphone (landscape and portrait).
  • A complete website with admin, content management system, search engine optimization, responsiveness (suitable for computer, tablet, smartphone), url rewriting (seo friendly), social media share functionalities, flexible menu structure, flexible layout, sub databases (for example news, links, faq, contact requests) and more, as well as initial content fill and formatting.
  • Development and integration of the game you envision, provided it is not too complex (otherwise there are some additional costs), but also the possibility to integrate follow-up games. In other words: a multiplayer game of medium complexity is included in the price. If the complexity increases, the price increases. And it's always possible to add more games to the same portal.
  • A complete chat with chat rooms, game chat rooms, private messages, profiles, smileys and more.
  • Registration, (automatic) login, forgot password functionality as well as personal profile (as well as upload of a photo avatar) and individual settings.
  • Integration of a payment provider to arrange payment online and (if desirable) an in-game currency so that players can bet money and play against each other. And/or a purchase or subscription structure.
  • Security, anti-hacking measures and server sided decision making so games cannot be hacked or manipulated
  • Hiscore lists and personal win/loss statistics
  • Leveling up functionality and animations through which players can level up by playing a lot / well. This is accompanied by nice animations and the availability of extras (perks) in the game, such as access to more smileys, increasingly beautiful badges, brighter color of your name in chat, etc.
  • Cool animations, transitions, split screens, notifications and more to give the game that extra "bling"!
  • A complete game admin to manage players, games, payments, etc.
  • Customized advice regarding the multiplayer gaming portal, its search engine optimization, exposure on social media, and tips & tricks about making and keeping the game and community alive, as well as help and support.
Our HTML5 multiplayer gaming portal is a fully functional and custom made product that costs NZ$ 49,995.- ex.gst. including one game of moderate complexity.

Development takes about 3 to 5 months.
Gamedesign is a community of dedicated designers, illustrators, animators and programmers from all over the world, somewhat clustered in New Zealand and the Netherlands.

It's parent company DesignConsult was founded over 20 years ago in the Netherlands!

It's worth noting that HTML5, unlike apps, has the advantage that it doesn't require installation (play right away!) and it doesn't need to be published in an app store where getting exposure can be difficult.

If the app store is also desirable, an HTML5 game (with adjustments) can also be made into an (portable) app via a development framework such as PhoneGap, Cordova or Ionic. It's not the same as an native app, though.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our multiplayer gaming system!

So... what kind of game do you have on your mind?

Wether you've thought out every detail of your concept or you don't have a clue what would be suitable: we like to hear from you and give you advice! Tell us your thoughts and we're glad to give you free advice!

tell us about it!


Other kinds of multiplayer games


Stand alone multiplayer games

Sometimes its desireable to create a game that only has the multiplayer gameplay aspect and not all the surrounding community aspects, such as the chat and user profiles. For example, see bijdeles.online. Although this game comes together with a dashboard for teacher, the game itself only has the multiplayer aspect. This can be a lot cheaper. Contact us to discuss possibilities.

A passive multiplayer game

It can be hard to match players in a multiplayer game. It requires a steady influx of players and a decent percentage of them remaining active. Otherwise players wanting to play a game may not find an other player to play with, making them leave. The next player has the same problem. To bypass this problem, a passive multiplayer game can be created. This game records the gameplay of the first player and then playbacks this for the second player without the first one having to be online. For example: the first player races on a circuit. Later (the first player is already offline) the second player races the same circuit and sees a "ghost car" (or an indestructable car) that drives exactly like the first player did in the past. In this way the second player still races against the first player, although the first player isn't online. This can be a lot of fun! Often you can also race against yourself!

A multiplayer feature without the whole game being multiplayer

Sometimes a feature being multiplayer is enough to give the whole game a multiplayer feeling! A great example is a highscore list. The player sees other players and their highscores. A great sense of competition arises from this without the game actually needing to be multiplayer, which cuts costs!

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