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Games come in all sizes. From a small promotional gesture to an expansive virtual world. Underneath you find a list of types of games that could be developped and employed to suit your needs. Hopefully they give you an idea what's possible. Don't hesitate to contact us for further advice! Please note that these game concepts can be developped for different game platforms.

Please have a look at these gametypes and click to read on:

  • A simple wellknow game concept

    Wellknown game concepts like Pac Man, Tetris, Bejeweled, Super Mario Bros, Memory, Wheel of future, etc are great because players understand them at once! View a list of concepts here.
  • A game as an advertisment (advergame)

    Making advertisments interactive is a great way to stand out in the crowd! 
  • A game with a winnable prize
    Why not add a prize to the game and watch the frenzy while you collect information, add players to e-mail lists and/or let them share your product or service on social media.
  • An educational game or portal
    People (not only kids) learn better while playing a game! Being interactive with the educational material focusses attention. Competitive elements can really get them going. From a simple quiz to an extensive portal met multiple games and teacher dashboards: we have a lot of experience!
  • A game with an integrated payment provider
    A payment provider can be added to any game. This allowes the game to collect money for you, from credit cards for instance. You can award the player with an in-game currency or item, access to special content or a membership.
  • Gambling games
    Wether for fun or for real money: gambling is hot!
  • A multiplayer game
    Multiplayer is very exciting! Challenge eachother or play cooperative. Designing a multiplayer game is a lot more extensive than singleplayer.
So... what kind of game do you have on your mind?

Wether you've thought out every detail of your concept or you don't have a clue what would be suitable: we like to hear from you and give you advice! Tell us your thoughts and we're glad to give you free advice!

tell us about it!

Game platforms

Besides figuring out what kind of game you want us to make, it's also important to think about the platforms you want to deploy this game on.

Read on about game platforms

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