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Game platforms

Games can be deployed on a multitude of different platforms. Choosing the right platform before starting the game design proces is very important (we advice you concerning this!). Every platform comes with its own pros and cons. For instance, creating an amazing extensive multiplayer fantasy game world on Steam may seem very attractive. But besides a quite shocking price tag, Steam means only a handful of devices like desktops, laptops and consoles will be able to play your game.

Creating an app for the appstore is a much smaller endeavour, but excludes everything except smartphones and tablets (more than 50% of users).

HTML5 makes it possible to add a game to your website, without the need to install anything. Just add a link from your website to the game. HTML5 is also by far the cheapest platform to develop on and in 9 out of 10 cases the best choice. But HTML5 does have limited CPU capacity (computer speed) so if your game is graphically very intensive, it may not be sufficient.

So there is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the game platform. But don't despair! We're here to advice you in this. Underneath you find a list of different platform on which games can be designed and developped, listed from most to least probable.

  • HTML5
    Game development of responsive HTML5 games is by far the cheapest way to create games. All devices support HTML5 games!
  • Apps
    Let us create a game for the appstores, both the Apple and Google appstore.
  • Unity3D
    Let us create a cool 3D game for you, deployable on a multitude of other platforms, like the appstore and steam
  • Facebook
    Let us create a (HTML5) game for Facebook, to play within Facebook. Let the players give eachother gifts within Facebook. Or make your game easily shareable and likeable on Facebook (and other social media)
  • Steam
    Let us create a game that can be deployed on Steam (and/or other online game stores) and play with the big boys. Please note that these games hardly ever have budgets below 150,000.-
Gamedesign is a community of dedicated designers, illustrators, animators and programmers from all over the world, somewhat clustered in New Zealand and the Netherlands.

It's parent company DesignConsult was founded over 20 years ago in the Netherlands!


Figuring out on what platform you want to deploy the game we make for you is one important part of the puzzle. But what kind of game do you want us to make, exactly? Read on about different gametypes and be inspired!

Different gametypes

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