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Gambling games

Gambling games are very hot and can be very lucrative. The general setup is that "the house" (=you!) takes a certain percentage of the bet or winnings. The game can be everything from a slotmachine to a multiplayer game like bingo or poker. Or even better: a mix of multiple games!

When designing and programming gambling games, security and testing becomes paramount for two main reasons. First of all, all descisionmaking needs to be serversided. This means that the server (not the client, a.k.a the computer of the player) makes all the descisions. So when you pull that handle of the slotmachine, the client is only a visualization of the result. The server has already decided the outcome of the pull before the slot actually shows it. This is extremely important as the client can be tampered with. So inaccessible to any hacker, the server quitely decides the outcome and sends this to the client. We make sure that serversided descisionmaking is always applied.

The second reason security and testing is paramount, is to determine RTP (Return To Player) values of the games. We need to know how much, on average, the player wins with a play. If the bet is $1,00 and the average return is $1,10, the gambling website will not be online for very long. The RTP needs to be below $1,00. But not too far below, because then it feels to the player like the game is just sucking all the money away. A RTP between 90% and 95% is often ideal.

But in some cases mathematically calculate the RTP value can be hard and can leave everyone with a feeling of "did we calculate that correctly?". That can become particulary "sweaty" when large amounts of money are involved, like KENO where the main price is about NZ$400,000,- (almost non-existant low chance). To be 100% sure, we've created a system that during the testing phase behind the scenes plays the game millions upon millions of times and adds up bets and winnings. Dividing the two gets the RTP value that can be trusted!

Do you want a simple gambling game just for fun or an extensive gambling portal with loads of games and perhaps gambling for real money? Let us know what your ideas are!


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