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App Games

Creating an app for the appstores such as the Apple appstore and the Google appstore has alure. Native apps can be made or a framework can be used. Here you read the pros and cons.


It's not click and play like HTML5, but installing an app from the appstore is something people find quite easy to install.

Once installed, an app has a quite permanent presence on the device; a link can get lost.

An app has access to native functionality like the camera of the device and sending push notifications is easier.

The raw CPU power can be utilized


Mostly an app can be played on iOS and Android devices, meaning most smartphones are covered. But apps can't be played on laptops and desktops. Also, making it accessible on tablets can be hard or require extra development trajectories.

Developping an app is more expensive than HTML5.

Development trajectories take longer than HTML5.

Having your game in the appstores may seem appealing, but it can be a competitive place with limited possibilities to  promote your game.

As it is not click and play, apps often aren't the best choice if the game is a small game concept that really get obstructed by the installation wall.

The appstores take an average of 30% per payment, as compared to 1% or so for payment providers.

Apps are hard to link to. You can only link to the download spot in the appstore. It's not shareable or likeable on social media.


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