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An educational game

Gaming and education go well together! Games focusses attention and being interactive with the educational material enhances learning. And competitive elements (amongst pupils or against AI) really get things going. And let's not forget: it makes learning a lot more fun, aswell!

Gaming and learning goes well with all age groups, so not only kids. Everyone benefits from this way of learning. Games, if designed well, are easily understood and add a dimension to learning.

Educataional games come in different sizes. The most simple example is probably a quiz. Instead of just asking questions, these questions are presented in a fun way, for instance by an animated character. Maybe the questions are shown together with imagery and movie(snippets) to clarify the educational material. Right answers add to the highscore (maybe postable in a highscore list?). There may be helplines for the player, like hints or tips. And a stopwatch can be added, to also add some presure! 

But educational game concepts can also be a lot larger! Learning can for instance be intermitted by gameplay, to create a much more attractive mix of learning and having fun. Learning in a correct way can also for instance yield bonusses in the game, like coins, diamonds or buildings. Or more time, if a stopwatch is present. When things can be won or collected in this way, pupils at once get a lot more engaged! 

AI (Artifical Intelligence) can join the game and challenge the pupil by - for instance- getting higher scores that the pupil has to beat. Often multiple games are introduced into one educational system to have a nice flow between learning and different gaming experiences, for instance a mini adventure game (like a history game set in ancient times). An escaperoom setting or solvable mystery is also popular (like this African one where a mysterious chest has to be opened), where learning is required to be able to escape.

But the true worth of educational games gets apparent when games are combined with teacher interfaces and dashboards: the teacher invites pupils (probably anonomously) into a digital class. This class performes the educational gamified tasks. Scores and results are sent to the database and the progress by the pupils is reported in the interface of the teacher. It can be set up like homework, a class task or even a competition between pupils! And the teacher can (automatically) grade the class and the individual pupils. The system can report where the educational level of pupils or the class is weak. We've created a lot of these systems, like Spellingoefenen, Bijdeles.online and Redactiesommen. These games are played hundreds of thousands of times every year in the Netherlands, set up by tens of thousands of teachers!

Whatever the size, we are happy to advice you so don't hesitate to contact us!


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