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About Gamedesign New Zealand

Started about 15 years ago in the Netherlands, Gamedesign.nl has now spread its wings and arrived in New Zealand! As Gamedesign Limited we're now exploring the New Zealand game design and development market.

We have a lot of experience in developping and designing games. We are a network of dedicated and specialized professionals in areas like illustration, animation, client sided programming, server sided programming, sound technicians, 3D artists and more! Depending on the nature of the assignment, we put together a suitable team.

If the assignment is of a larger size, the team can have members from around the world, like a programmer in the Netherlands, an illustrator in the USA and a game designer in New Zealand. But as a customer, you'll only have contact with New Zealand

If we take a step further back in time, Gamedesign originated from its parent company DesignConsult which was founded more than 20 years ago in the Netherlands and to this day creates websites, logo's, other printables and also does a wide array of programming, such as custom made webshops (we can provide these services in New Zealand as well).

Gamedesign is a community of dedicated designers, illustrators, animators and programmers from all over the world, somewhat clustered in New Zealand and the Netherlands.

It's parent company DesignConsult was founded over 20 years ago in the Netherlands!

Searching for NZ talent!

We're looking to extend our network with New Zealand talent! Are you interested in doing some game design and development work? Are you for instance great at drawing characters and surroundings in a program like illustrator or photoshop? Or do you program in for instance HTML5 / Javascript and have you played around with the HTML5 canvas? Perhaps made your first little game? We like to hear from you!

Some of our customers:
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