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A game with an integrated payment provider

A payment provider adds payment options to your game, like creditcards, PayPal, POLi and AfterPay. Via an easy online interface, the player can pay online and get instant added value within the game. For instance a bag of diamonds, gold coins, spendable points or an other form of in-game currency.

Or the payment gives the player exclusive access to extra levels, bonus worlds or some other otherwise inaccessible part of the game.

In other game constructions, the payment gives membership for a certain period of time. The gaming system can be created in such a way that membership automatically ends and reminders to renew it are automatically sent a certain amount of time prior to the end of the membership.

Finally, a payment provider is essential gambling is involved within the game where real money is gambled with; the payment is instantly converted into a corresponding in-game currency that can be used in the gambling games.

Integrating a payment provider is easy if it is a HTML5 game. It just becomes an online transaction like in a webshop. If it's an app, the payment goes via the appstore. This integration is more complicated and the appstores takes a greater share of the revenue.

Please view our pricing page for prices of integrating payment providers.


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