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A game with a winnable prize

A winnable prize mobilizes scores of players! It's a great incentive for people to play and really do their best. It add's another level of thrill to the game! We love creating games that involves winnable prizes.

In most cases a highscore list is necessary when prizes are going to be handed out. The ranking on this list can determine who wins. The fastest or the highest score, for instance. But prizes can also be randomly picked. 

Besides the highscore list, it's necessary to collect information from the players. Otherwise it isn't possible to know who played. So the submit form for the highscore list can also have an input field for an e-mail address. In that way there is a way to contact the winner. Maybe a checkbox to add the players to your e-mail newsletter?

Now, we like to go one step further! It is possible to eighter ask or require the player to share the game (or your website) on his/her social media before the highscore is posted and the player truly participates in the draw for the prize. Contact us so we can show you how that works! Basically the player gets share options from AddThis presented to share the game (which is a link) on his/her favorite social media (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Underneath these share options is the submit button for the highscore list. We can even disable this button untill the player has shared the game, although some customers find this too strict. The choice is yours!

Adding a highscore list with the functionality mentioned above (so also including submit form, e-mail newsletter checkbox, share options, AddThis integration aswell as a simple admin to manage your submitted highscores and to randomly draw winners) is very attractively priced at 750,- ex.gst and can be added to any game.

Because of JavaScript tampering, we recommend to allot the prizes randomly amongst for instance the best 100 players (so in other words, not to the nr.1). This discourages tampering as the one tampering can only influence one entry. We're happy to explain this in more detail, if you wish!


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