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A game as an advertisment (advergame)

Let a game be part of your advertising campain! That will for sure attract attention! There are several ways to do this. Underneath are a few. We would like to know what your thoughts are about it!

Create an interactive advertisement
HTML5 makes it possible to make your online advertisment or banner interactive! Insert some gameplay into it to attract more attention. The game can be within the banner, but often the banner links to a game where instantly (without downloads or installs) the game can be played. Just click on the banner and for instance instantly play a wheel of fortune game where your product can be won (see our list of wellknown simple game concepts for more inspiration). 

A game as part of your online campain
Besides your regular online campain, present a game to your future customers! Halfway the campain, place a link to the game on your Facebook page and other social media to attract more attention! And place a news article about it on your website. Hopefully the campain gets an even higher momentum!

A winnable prize
Prizes are hot! It instantly increases participation. Maybe the players can win your product or service? In that way they'll instantly learn what your product actually is. Prizes can be drawn amongst the best players.


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