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Let us make a custom made game for you, starting from $1,995.-
Playable on computers, tablets and smartphones without plugins, downloads or installations: click and play!
Let it feature your product or service. Or maybe it is educational or a dead serious simulation?
Most (small to medium sized) games are developped within one month!
Surprise your customers with something unique! Something they will remember!
Or do you have a bigger game in mind? Multiplayer maybe? With integrated payment provider? Ask us what we can do for you!

We create custom made games for you in New Zealand!

Gaming is hot! So why not surprise your customers or clients with a custom made game featuring your logo, product or service? Maybe combined with a winnable prize to get everybody into competitive mode! 

We primarily develop our games in HTML5 and this means that everybody can now instantly enjoy your game on every screen (computer, tablet, smartphone) without having to download or install anything: Just click and play! (test that theory). 

But a custom made game by Gamedesign.nz is also a great way to enhance learning! Not only for kids; everybody learns better when the material is presented as a game. We have a lot of experience in developping educational games. Like Voices of Africa where players can learn about African languages in an escaperoom setting. We also specialise in games that the whole class can play (simultaneously) and where the teacher can view progress and results. Like the games integrated in the teaching system (also developped by us) SommenOefenen.nl where kids can learn maths. Games like Blob Defense, Moon Blaster, Space Sniper, Bouncer, Space Race and Gravity Pod played by hundreds of thousands of kids in the Netherlands!

But not all games are fun! Some are dead serious (appropriately called serious games) with professional applications like simulations or interactive visualisations of data, like Sweco Energy Revolution where the player can play energycards to reach net zero CO2 by 2050.

Sorry for some of the links above being in Dutch: our "basecamp" is in the Netherlands!

Gamedesign is a community of dedicated designers, illustrators, animators and programmers from all over the world, somewhat clustered in New Zealand and the Netherlands.

It's parent company DesignConsult was founded over 20 years ago in the Netherlands!

A custom made game starts at 1,995.00 (ex.gst)

Gamedesign doesn't need to be expensive. Often simple game concepts can be the most fun! And they start at 1,995.00 (ex.gst). This encompasses a complete custom made game, including design, sound, programming, animations, visual effects (like our cool particle algorithm), intro/outro screens and more! Ofcourse we design everything in the style of your logo, product or service. And if the game needs a little more complexity, the price only goes up a little.

Please have a look at our list of wellknow game concepts. These are often a good choice as people know them and therefore quickly understand how to play. We can advice you on what concept would be suitable for you.

So... what kind of game do you have on your mind?

Wether you've thought out every detail of your concept or you don't have a clue what would be suitable: we like to hear from you and give you advice! Tell us your thoughts and we're glad to give you free advice!

tell us about it!

Games of higher complexity

Do you have a game in mind of higher complexity? Perhaps one with its own world to explore and many options for building and/or collecting? Or a collection of small games, like a host of casino style games within one platform? Or what about a multiplayer game? Our gamedesign framework makes it possible to create game platforms of most sizes. We like to hear what your ideas are!

Furthermore, we've added pages to this website exploring pro's and con's of different game markets and ways to deploy larger games. Feel free to browse the menu or ask us a question! Please note that we don't specialise in 3D games or huge game productions like Fortnight, GTA, FIFA, Clash Royale and the like.

Play some games:

As we're also based in the Netherlands, please note that some of these games are in Dutch.

> <
Grohe Smartactive Quiz
Watch this commercial intertwined with games and quiz questions!
Voices of Africa
Learn about African languages as you try to escape from this escape room!
Sweco Energy Revolution
This serious game explores in what ways the Netherlands can go green energywise.
Haai Five Game
Swim with these sharks as fast as you can, because the net is coming!
The History Game
Watch this game turned into a movie for crowdfunding purposes.
Taaloefenen: Plastic Mania
Guide the fish through the plastic polluted waters!
The Blue Ring game
Jump on platforms with your blue ring and reach the top.
Titanex Snake Challenge
It is actually a power cable! Can you snake it all the way to the rock band?
Flappy Fox
Maneuver the flying fox through the cave. Also check out the avatar creation (top right)
Pacman or Tetris?
Play one of the two and see your score reach higher and higher towards the #1 position!
Erasmus Medical Center game
Play and learn how and when to put on... medical gloves!
Taaloefenen: Practice!
Free fish with octopus by answering educational questions.
Coco Game
Play some minigames and learn a little about the new school you're going to, narrated by the janitor.
Continuous Delivery Game
Play this dark futuristic adventure where the Netherlands has flooded.
The Game of Ana
What is this mysterious game about? Not even the programmer knows...
Get 3 or more in a row, answer some questions and win a holiday trip! (winner has already been drawn)
Flick my Wheel
A simple but much loved wheel of fortune!
Trans World Radio
Set up all kinds of communication channels across the globe in this educational simulation.
Surprising birds
Create all kinds of weird birds with these shapes!
Vogue Girl
Spray all the girls, but not the boys and cats in this cute game!
Link them together
Which saying belongs to which animal? An educational game for small childeren.
Interactive with the whole class!
Let the whole class get their device and play a competitive game together.
Remember the words written on the wall and type them correctly.
Ridder Galgriël
Guess letters and complete the words before the knight loses all his treasures.
Connect the letters to form a word, like a snake.
Mini Houdini
Can you let the monkey escape by solving educational puzzles and watching animations?
Type the words they're holding before they reach the ground!

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